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“I recently auditioned for the Yale School of Drama and they take 16 people every year out of about 1500 try-outs. I practiced for days and days to prepare for this opportunity. Well about a week ago, I got an e-mail saying I was one of the 16 to get ACCEPTED! I am so thrilled because this is my dream come true. I want to greatly express my gratitude for all that you have done for me from Brookdale Community College all the way through my degree at Atlantic Conservatory of which I graduated in December 2017. I’m so thankful to have performed at the 20th anniversary of the Hadar program. You have fixed my crooked smile, my confidence and my appearance. How lucky I am–a young man that was trying to escape the gutter and rise to the top. And now I have made it to the top theatre school in the US!!! I’m e-mailing this to say I’m truly thankful and so grateful for all your support. You helped me get here. This is the result of believing in someone who believes they can reach their goals! This is because of the trust of the Hadar Foundation program. “

—Anthony Holiday, Actor/Comedian/Poet/Mentor


Thank you so much for all you have done for me over the past four years!! I truly was able to get the most out of my undergraduate experience thanks to your generous contributions and support. It is a relief to come out of college without any debt! I will continue to keep you posted about my career as it continues to unfold. As of right now, I am currently a Young Artist in Martina Arroyo’s Prelude to Performance and am covering the role of Meg Page in Verdi’s Falstaff. I will email you soon about performance dates as they come closer. Again, I wouldn’t be here without you!! Thank you for everything!

—Linda Collazo


“Your generosity has given me countless opportunities that otherwise would have been unaffordable to me. Throughout the years your belief in my work has instilled a great amount of confidence within me. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you; the greatest patrons of the arts in all of New York City. Thank you for bringing me into the Hadar Foundation family. You changed my life. Your belief, support and encouragement have strengthened me. For that I love you both.”

—Andrew Greer, Emerson College, Class of 2006, BFA in Acting. Program Coordinator, Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservatory.


“If it weren’t for your generous and caring nature, I would not be blessed with a wonderful college education, my summer European trip, and my new Loree oboe.”

—Belinda Rosen, University of Michigan, Class of 2016, B.Mus. in Oboe Performance. Student at Stony Brook University, MMus (Oboe Performance), degree to be awarded in 2018.


“Thank you for what you did for me when I was eighteen. The financial support made my education possible, but more than that, being a Hadar Scholar made me feel that I was part of something. It meant so much to know that you saw something in me and decided to give me an opportunity to develop my talent. It was particularly crucial at that time in my life, as I had recently lost my parents, was feeling a bit lost and not confident. I can’t express how much Richard & Mica Hadar, and their wonderful foundation has meant to me, and how important it has been to my belief in myself.”

—Grace Wilentz, Harvard, Class of 2007, BA in Poetry and Photography; pursuing a Masters in Human Rights Law at Oxford University. Executive Coordinator of YouAct: European Youth Network on Sexual and Reproductive Rights, Dublin.


“It is truly people like you who help young artists such as myself as well as every other Hadar Scholar achieve their dreams and encourage us to do for others as you have done for us. Mr. and Mrs. Hadar, the helping hand you have extended upon myself and other Hadar scholars is something not to be forgotten, but reciprocated and paid forward.”

—Leopold Manswell, attended the University of Minnesota for acting, which he left for a pilot TV series and is now enrolled at Lehman College. Recently performed in Stealing Cars (dir. Bradley Kaplan), a film that debuted in April 2015.

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